White edition, 2017

Sun Lights is a series of lamps created by the exploration of the displacement of light. The lamp disperse a warm, muted glow with a color gradient that mimics the light at sunrise and sunset through its circular disks made from acrylate. The pearl lacquered aluminium and metal parts provides a soft color change, when passing by. Paired with a dimmable LED light, the fixtures offer understated mood lighting with subtle reflections on the surface that create a sense of depth and texture.

Materials: pearl lacquered aluminium and steel, LED, acrylic

Dimensions: width 400 mm,  length 11 mm, height 430 mm
Year: 2017

The Wall Lamp is a subtle and warm lighting piece, that will add a minimalistic and soft style to your clean wall. The lamp submerges in it's surroundings through it's lucent character.​

Have a look at the Table Lamp from the Sun Lights series of lamps. A unique, minimalistic and colourful piece that will shine bright and add colour to your table, dresser or cabinet.

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