Personal air purifiers, 2015
Graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven

Pūrificātum is a personal air purifier that you can place in front of you as you sit at your desk, while you recline in your favourite chair or when you go to sleep. Improving the user’s comfort and health, the filtered air helps increase productivity. The purifier also doubles as a lamp whose light can be adjusted from a cooler white to a warmer yellow. The soft finish and less mechanical, cleaner look illustrate an approach that is more emotional and centred on well-being.

Materials: Coated steel, polystyrene, LED, brass

Technical support: Teun Vinken
Photography Graduation Book Design Academy Eindhoven: Lisa Klappe

Production: the Netherlands
Year: 2015

"Pūrificātum, which is both simple yet elegant, is also a stylish lamp, projecting light ranging from the cooler tones, promoting concentration and productivity, to the warmer ones, which promote rest and relaxation. The Dutch designer’s approach puts the accent on the emotional relationship that builds up between people and the environment in which they live and spend a good deal of their time." - Trend Research by Salone

Pūrificātum is a personal air purifier that filters the air, say, at your workstation, by your bedside or while reading on the sofa. It also doubles as a lamp that allows you to adjust its brightness for optimal emotional well-being. Clean air plus soothing light equals healthy ambiance.

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