Lucent edition, 2018
Designed for PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic

Studio Fabian Zeijler designed an elegant side table that allows you to place your favourite drinks on a serene and luxurious surface. The core of the design is formed by the Faux Translucent Stone and is surrounded with subtle colours, reflections and lucent elements. The classical simplicity of the side table strengthens the essence of the subtle and unique materials and shifts the prejudices and boundaries of plexiglas.

The material combinations are classical, but refreshing. Because of the translucent parts, the whole remains rather light and airy. The faux translucent stone is presented in a layered way, which preserves the elements that make it special but adds color to the whole. The cylinder provides a lot of strength, in which the brass bar holds the whole together. 

Materials: brass,  faux translucent stone, plexiglass

Dimensions: width 500 mm,  height 527 mm
Productcode: LST1101
Colourcode: L01

Delivery time: 7-8 weeks
Production: the Netherlands
Year: 2018

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Note: other colour options are always possible, due to the
replaceable components. 

"This monochromatic side table is designed for and with the materials of Pyrasied Xtreme Acrylic to change pre-conceptions about Plexiglas, which 'is often perceived as less luxurious or refined than materials such as glass. I want to introduce the public to the endless possibilities that acrylics have to offer."

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